Still amazed I am walking around today. Yesterday was my third flight lesson. I flew a total of 1 hour for my first 2 lessons. So, I had taken the plane up 2 times, and done some basic flying so far.

On to lesson 3. I taxi to the runway and take off. No big deal. Still a little odd steering with my feet, but I am getting the hang of it. Up in the air, they put a hood on me. This hood makes it so I can’t see out the window – only the instruments. Have you ever driven a car just by looking at your dashboard and not out the window? I don’t think so. Granted, the plane has instruments that make it entirely possible to fly in zero visability, but it is a tad bit tricky with only 1 hour of flying experience.

Then, a little fun. I got to try stalls. Keep pointing the plane up until it loses lift, and starts falling down. Punch full throttle, keep the nose down, and full rudder, since the wings are useless until you come out of the stall. That was fun.

Then, I got to land. That was a bit scary. Up until this point, I hadn’t even flown an approach. But I did the whole thing with only a minor correction from the instructor. Not bad for the first time. Hopefully next time, I will get it 100% – well, not 100% perfect, but 100% on my own.

Now, sitting in my office at work, I kind of wish I were back wearing the hood or scaring the crap out of myself trying to land – this Perl coding is just not quite as exciting…

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