Exchange enabled for GMail (at least for now)

[EDIT] Shoot – just found an old blog post about this elsewhere. Guess I missed when they enabled this a while back. I feel really smart now![/EDIT]

I was playing with an Android emulator this weekend and noticed that when I set up an Exchange account to synchronize my calendar and contacts with Google, I also started seeing email notifications. I thought that Android might just be acting “smart” and adding an IMAP account based on the same credentials.
So, to verify this, I went to the Exchange account on my iPhone that also syncs to Google contacts/calendar and enabled the Email switch. Lo and behold, I now had a working email exchange account from the Mail app! I sent myself a few emails from other accounts, and got a new mail notification on the iPhone within an average of five seconds.
I looked around and did not see any reference to this being enabled, so maybe this is in preparation for the likely Nexus One release announcement at tomorrow’s Google Android event. Either way, I hope this feature stays enabled since having real push GMail on the iPhone is really handy!

This Is Your Backup on Drugs

I just got the strangest newsletter from Mozy. The guy that runs the company seemed to be a tad bit off in this very “professional” blurb:

One of the nice things about being an ugly American is that I make all sorts of ignorant and culturally insensitive remarks about other countries. And as luck would have it, I had that opportunity last week when I visited Montreal. (That’s in Canada.)
The first thing I noticed about Montreal is that it’s a very clean city – like Toronto in that respect. Oh wait – actually, the first thing I noticed was the streets were on fire and full of police and rioting citizens because I guess they won an O-KAY (that’s hockey) game. My flight got in late that night and the taxi driver had to change his routes because the streets were blocked off by police.
Other observations I had were related to confusing things like French-speaking people with the Queen of England on their money and the lack of $1 bills in their currency. Also, the whole “Canadians burned the White House down in 1814? makes me sad inside, but I guess that was a long time ago.
Be Safe,
Josh Coates
Mozy Founder



Now this is pretty cool. MovableType now has an iPhone plugin. When you log in to your MT control panel from an iPhone, you get a nice iPhone-optimized interface automatically. This post was written using this new iPhone plugin – will edit in a bit from a PC to add a link to the plugin.

[edit] Forgot to add the link!

Dreamhost PS, Part 1

Dreamhost recently started a new service called “Dreamhost PS” (announced at . It is a cross between shared hosting and a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This seems like a great idea for people that need a little more power for their sites, but do not want to manage a full VPS and deal with everything “root” has to deal with.

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Postcard Virus Sets Up IRC Botnet

Looks like another yet another botnet is building up from a trojan being sent around as “Postcard.exe”. I followed the botnet to a new channel, and they have almost 450 clients there. Most of those seem to be clients fired off from the trojan. Hopefully, the Undernet admins can stop this one for now. Yes, I know that another one will pop right up, but since this particular beast is coded to join certain channels, maybe it will give helpless attachment-clickers a little bit of a break.


I was reading an article over at Lifehacker about different blogging clients, and I ran into one I remember seeing a while back, “Performancing”.  Performancing is an extension for Firefox, and lets the user choose between WYSIWYG and HTML editing of posts.  I also noticed that Performancing also seems to be a company that provides blog metrics.  The stats seem to be able to show posts, comments, views, and a whole slew of other information.  I have signed up to try out this service over at and hopefully I will see some nice statistics soon.  And, I can see how their editor works for me.

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